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Wonderful Things: Byzantium through its Art

Estudios que exploran diversas facetas del arte bizantino relativas especialmente a la imagen y los objetos





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ANTHONY EASTMOND; LIZ JAMES (ed.). Wonderful Things: Byzantium through its Art. Papers from the 42nd Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, London, 20-22 March 2009, Variorum, 2013, 348 p.
ISBN: 978-1-4094-5514-1

LIZ JAMES; ANTHONY EASTMOND: Introduction: Byzantium through its art

Part I Exhibiting Byzantium

MARIA VASSILKI: Learning lessons: from the Mother of God to Byzantium
ROBIN CORMACK: “Of what is past, or passing, or to come”
JOHN HANSON: Two scenes from the prehistory of the Byzantine blockbuster
ROWENA LOVERANCE: Exhibiting Byzantium: Edinburgh 1958 and London 2008

Part II Object Lessons

NIKI J. TSIRONIS: Gospel decoration and its relation to artistic and doctrinal trends of the Middle-Byzantine period: a study with reference to the Marciana book covers
CECILY HENNESSY: The stepmum and the servant: the stepson and the sacred vessel
EILEEN RUBERY: The Vienna “empress” ivory and its companion in Florence: crowned in different glories?
HELEN RUFUS WARD: Representing decline and fall: 19th-century responses to the Asclepius-Hygieia and Clementinus ivory diptychs
TEODORA BURNAND: The complexity of the iconography of the bilateral icon with the Virgin Hodegetria and the Man of Sorrows, Kastoria
ELENA ENE D-VASILESCU: The last wonderful thing: the icon of the Heavenly Ladder on Mount Sinai
GEORGI R. PARPULOV: The date of two icons from Sinai
VERA ZALESSKAYA: The Nestorian Discos in the light of apocryphal texts and artefacts

Part III Byzantium Through its Art

ANASTASIA DRANDAKI: From centre to periphery and beyond: the diffusion of models in late Antique metalware
ANNA MUTHESIUS: Textiles as text
MICHELE BACCI: Some thoughts on Greco-Venetian artistic interactions in the 14th and early-15th centuries
ROBERT OUSTERHOUT: Women at tombs: narrative, theatricality, and the contemplative mode
LESLIE BRUBAKER: Show and tell
ANTHONY CUTLER: The idea of likeness in Byzantium
EIRINI PANOU: Mary’s parents in homilies before and after James Kokkinobaphos
MARC D. LAUXTERMANN: Constantine’s city: Constantine the Rhodian and the beauty of Constantinople

Part IV Exhibiting Byzantium Reviewed

AVERIL CAMERON: Seeing Byzantium: a personal response