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The Routledge Hispanic Studies Companion to Medieval Iberia: Unity in Diversity

37 estudios que proporcionan una cobertura amplia y profunda de los principales aspectos del mundo medieval ibérico







E. MICHAEL GERLI, RYAN D. GILES (ed.). The Routledge Hispanic Studies Companion to Medieval Iberia: Unity in Diversity, Routledge, 2021, 668 p.
ISBN: 978-1138629325

Este libro reúne el trabajo innovador de académicos de renombre, así como varios ensayos que invitan a la reflexión de académicos emergentes, con el fin de proporcionar una cobertura amplia y profunda de los principales aspectos del mundo medieval ibérico.

Explorando la historia social, política, cultural, religiosa y económica de la Península Ibérica, el volumen incluye 37 ensayos originales agrupados en torno a temas fundamentales como Lenguas y Literaturas, Espiritualidades y Cultura Visual.

PART I: The Environment

Abigail Agresta: Humans and the Environment in Medieval Iberia

PART II: Societies, Polities, and Governments

Thomas W. Barton: Fragmentation and Centralization: The Emergent Political Culture of the Medieval Crown of Aragon
Brian A. Catlos: Mudéjares and Moriscos
Jean Dangler: Otherness, Identities, and Cultures in Contact
Alberto Ferreiro: The Visigothic and Suevic Kingdoms: The Road to Unity in Post-Roman Hispania
Teófilo F. Ruiz: Power and Politics in Iberian Societies, ca. 1035-1516
Jesús R. Velasco: The Law
David Wacks: Sefarad

PART III Histories

Nicola Clarke: Re-reading the Conquest of Iberia: The Dynamism of a Medieval Tradition
Maribel Fierro: ʽAbd al-Raḥmān III and the Caliphate of Cordoba
Leonardo Funes: Writing the Past, Ordering the World: Alfonso the Wise’s Estorias within his Political and Cultural Agenda
Alejandro García-Sanjuán: From Islamic to Christian Conquest: Fatḥ Invasion and Reconquista in Medieval Iberia
Nasser Meerkhan: Islamogothic Iberia: The Tārīkh of Ibn al-Qūṭīyah

PART IV Philosophy and Spirituality

Andrew M. Beresford: Corporeality and Soteriology in Medieval Spanish Hagiography: The Body as Signifier in the Libre dels tres reys d’Orient
Ryan D. Giles: Contested Martyrdom: Voluntary Death and Blessed Cursing in the Works of Eulogius and Paulus Alvarus of Córdoba
Mark D. Johnston: Ramon Llull and Lullism
Lucy K. Pick: Toledo and Beyond: Bishops and Jews in Medieval Iberia
Ryan Szpiech: Turning and Returning: Religious Conversion and Personal Testimony in Iberian Societies

PART V Gender

Marie A. Kelleher: Medieval Iberian Women and Gender
Núria Silleras-Fernández: Iberian Queenship: Theory and Practice

PART VI Languages and Literatures

Susanna Allés-Torrent: Digital Humanities and the Iberian Middle Ages
Henry Berlin: The Galician-Portuguese Cantigas, the History of Emotion, and Lyric as Genre
Ross Brann: Arabic Alongside and into Hebrew: Andalusi Hebrew Literary Culture in Meta-Critical Perspective
Axayácatl Campos García Rojas: From Heroes to Courtly Knights: The Rise and Development of Chivalric Narrative in Medieval Iberia
E. Michael Gerli: Reflections of the Long Thirteenth Century: Curiosity, the Politics of Knowledge and Imperial Power in the Libro de Alexandre
Michael Harney: Medieval Iberian Travel Literature
Albert Lloret: Inscription, Authorship, Iteration: The Textuality of Medieval Catalan Literature
Andrea Pauw: The Ḥadīth de Yúçuf: Reimagining a Prophet in a World of «Others’ Words»
S.J. Pearce: Extemporizing a Translation of the Arabic into Castilian: Translation and the Raciolinguistic Logic of Medieval Iberia
Simone Pinet: Clerical Soundscapes
Loreto Romero: Rapture and Horror: Reading Celestina in Sixteenth-Century Spain
Rachel Scott: Framing Intercultural Encounters in Three Iberian Translations of Kalila wa-Dimna
Omar Velázquez-Mendoza: Evidence for an Underlying Ibero-Romance Vernacular: The Nodicia de kesos vis-à-vis its Corresponding Notarial Act
Irene Zaderenko: Epic Texts in Medieval Iberia: The Cultural Battlefield between Christians and Muslims

PART VII Visual Culture

Marianne David: Mudejar Teruel: Decoding an Art-historical Mystery
Marina Aurora Garzón Fernández, Francisco Prado-Vilar: Coloring Words: New Perspectives on Visual Culture in León and Castile (Thirteenth through Fourteenth Centuries)
Rebeca Sanmartín Bastida: Performing Authority through Iconography: On Iberian Visionary Women and Images