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The art, literature and material culture of the medieval world

Estudios que demuestran como el período medieval fue testigo de una inmensa transición y transformación, de cambio y desarrollo





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MEG BOULTON; JANE HAWKES; MELISSA HERMAN. The art, literature and material culture of the medieval world, Four Court Press, 2015, 384 p.
ISBN: 978-1846825613

Este volumen desafía la percepción tradicional de la Edad Media, explorando las muchas formas en las cuales fue activamente transformadora y cómo las ideas de cambio son entendidas reflexivamente dentro del discurso académico. La época medieval fue considerada durante mucho tiempo como un oscuro contrapunto a la época clásica y al Renacimiento, siendo percibida como algo estático y monolítico. A pesar de esto, el período medieval fue testigo de una inmensa transición y transformación, de cambio y desarrollo.

MEG BOULTON; MELISSA HERMAN; JANE HAWKES: Interrogating the bastard children of change: an introduction to the critical terminology of transition, transformation and taxonomy
COLUM HOURIHANE: Observations on the changing Middle Ages
ALEKSANDRA MCCLAIN: The archaeology of transition: rethinking medieval material culture and social change
D. A. LENTON: Ethnic identities in transition: domestic and social practice in later medieval Córdoba, Spain
NEIL CHRISTIE: Becoming Christian, being Christian in early medieval Europe
JANE HAWKES: ‘Hail the conquering hero’: coming and going at Ruthwell: adventus and transition
PHILIPPA TURNER: St Everilda: evidence for a saint’s cult in transition
MAŁGORZATA KRASNODĘBSKA-D’AUGHTON: Relics and riches: familiarizing the unknown in a fourteenth-century pilgrimage account from Ireland
DIARMUID SCULLY: Ends of empire and the earth: themes of transition and the Orkney Islands from antiquity to Bede
ERIC LACEY: When is a hroc not a hroc? When it is a crawe or a hrefn! A case-study in recovering Old English folk-taxonomies
MICHAEL D. J. BINTLEY: Settlements in transition: where are the wīcs in Old English poetry?
Victoria Symons: The aesthetics of transition on the Franks Casket
ZOË DUMELOW: Transitions of authority: the Joseph cycle in the sculpture series of Salisbury Cathedral Chapter House
MEG BOULTON: Embroidered stones: considering the symbolism of Anglo-Saxon skeuomorphs and the Kirkdale grave-slab
HEIDI STONER: The architecture of a life: an iconography of architectural images in Oxford University College MS 165
HARRY STIRRUP: A change of clothes on the Morgan Leaf: the Apocrypha Master’s illustration of the transition of Saul
CAROL FARR: In time, out of time: two case studies of recycled evangelist pictures
N. G. BAKER: Crying over the evangelists: compunction in the Insular world
MELISSA HERMAN: Something more than ‘man’: re-examining the human figure in early Anglo-Saxon art