Joan Valero

Speaking to the Eye Sight and Insight through Text and Image (1150-1650)

Este volumen toma como punto de partida el paradójico doble vínculo de la textualidad y la visualidad en la cultura de la Edad Media y del Renacimiento




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T. DE HEMPTINNE; VEERLE FRAETERS; MARIA EUGENIA GONGORA (ed.). Speaking to the Eye Sight and Insight through Text and Image (1150-1650), Brepols, 2013, 298 p.
ISBN: 978-2503534206

CAROLINE VAN ECK: Groaning Paintings and Weeping Viewers: A Gellian Perspective on Visual Persuasion.
JEROEN DEPLOIGE: How Gendered was Clairvoyance in the Thirteenth Century? The Case of Simon of Aulne.
INEKE VAN ‘T SPIJKER: Image of Thought: Hugh of Saint-Victor and Richard of Saint-Victor on Thinking.
BARBARA BAERT: Nourished by Inwardness: The Beato Chiarito Tabernacle (c. 1340).
YOURI DESPLENTER: Programming Women’s Prayer: Textual and Pictorial Components in Middle Dutch Psalters.
LISE GOSSEYE; JÜRGEN PIETERS: Reading Blindly: Huygens in the Wake of Augustine.
MARÍA EUGENIA GÓNGORA: Seeing and Knowing, Reading and Imagining in the Liber divinorum operum by Hildegard of Bingen.
VEERLE FRAETERS: The Appearance of Queen Reason: Construction and Pragmatics of the Imagery in Vision 9 of Hadewijch.
STEVEN VANDERPUTTEN: The Cloaked Lady of Floreffe: Allegorizing Monastic History in the Fifteenth-Century Chronique de Floreffe (Brussels, Royal Library, 18064–69).
STIJN BUSSELS: The Diptych of the Lentulus Letter: Building Textual and Visual Evidence for Christ’s Appearance.
VEERLE FRAETERS; JÜRGEN PIETERS: The Mediating Power of Images and Texts: The Dynamics of Sight and Insight in Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Art.
JOSÉ VAN AELST: Visualizing the Spiritual: Images in the Life and Teachings of Henry Suso (c. 1295–1366).