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Romanesque and the Past: Retrospection in the Art and Architecture of Romanesque Europe

Reunión de estudios sobre diversos aspectos relativos a la arquitectura, escultura, iconografía, etc. del románico





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JOHN MCNEILL; RICHARD PLANT (ed.). Romanesque and the Past: Retrospection in the Art and Architecture of Romanesque Europe, Maney Publishing, 2013.
ISBN: 978-1909662100

JOHN MCNEILL: Veteras stauas emit Rome: Romanesque Attitudes to the Past.
GERHARD LUTZ: Memorizing Bernward of Hildesheim in the 12th Century: A Contribution to Medieval Imitatio.
LUCY DONKIN: Making an Impression: Consecration and the Creation of Architectural Memory.
RICHRAD GEM: St Peter’s Basilique in Rome c. 1024-1159: A Model for Emulation?
KAI KAPPEL: Architecture as a Visual Record? S. Maria della Roccella in Calabria.
JILL. A. FRANKLIN: Iconic Architecture and the Medieval Regormation: Ambrose of Milan, Peter Damian, Stephen Harding and the Aisleless Cruciform Church.
CLAUDE ANDRAULT-SCHMITT: Archaism or Singularity? The Nave Clerestory in Romanesque Architecture between the Loire and Dordogne.
NEIL STRATFORD: Cluny and the Past.
MANUEL CASTIÑEIRAS: The Portal at Ripoll Revisited: An Honorary Arch for the Ancestors.
ELISABETH VALDEZ DEL ALAMO: Tarragona: Lieu de mémoire.
ROGER STALLEY: On the Edge of the World: Hiberno-Romanesque and the Classical Tradition.
BÉLA ZSOLT SZAKÁCS: The Reconstruction of Pannonhalma: Archaism in 13 th-Century Hungary.
DEBORAH KAHN: Uses of the Past in English Romanesque Sculpture: Beyond the Antique.
PETER FERGUSSON: Three Romanesque Patrons and their Regard of the Past.
STEPHAN ALBRECHT: Artistic Strategies for Institutional Memory: Trier, Villenauxe, Glastonbury.
BEATRICE KITZINGER: Recasting Hrabanus: Romanesque Praise for the Holy Cross.
ANDREA WORM: Visualizing the Order of History in 12 th Century: Hugh of Saint Victor’s Chronicon and Peter of Poitiers’s Compendium historiae in genealogia Christi.
CONRAD RUDOLPH: Person, Time and Place in the Construction of History in Hugh of Saint Victor’s Mystic Ark.
ERIC FERNIE: The Concept of the Romanesque.