Joan Valero

Paint and Piety: Collected Essays on Medieval Painting and Polychrome Sculpture

La pintura medieval y la escultura policromada vistas desde la perspectiva multidisciplinar ofrecida por diversos estudios






NOËLLE L.W. STREETON; KAJA KOLLANDSRUD (ed.). Paint and Piety: Collected Essays on Medieval Painting and Polychrome Sculpture, Archetype, 2014, 216 p.
ISBN: 9781909492103

ERLA HOHLER; NOËLLE L.W. STREETON: Introduction:The medieval collection of the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo: a tradition of scholarship.

Part I. Locating the Sacred

JUSTIN KROESEN: The longue durée of ‘Romanesque’ altar decorations: frontals, canopies, and altar sculptures.
LENA LIEPE: The presence of the sacred: relics in medieval wooden statues of Scandinavia.
KAJA KOLLANDSRUD: A perspective on medieval perception of Norwegian church art.
JÓN VIÐAR SIGURÐSSON: Distribution of reliquaries and relics in the bishopric of Hólar, c. 1320.

Part II. Artistic Production in the Thirteenth Century

EMMANUELLE MERCIER; JANA SANYOVA: The Sedes Sapientiae of the van den Peereboom donation to the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels. Materials and techniques of a polychrome sculpture from the beginning of the thirteenth century.
EBBE NYBORG: Possible English influence on Danish polychrome wooden sculpture of the thirteenth century.

Part III. Objects and the English Church

ABIGAIL GRANVILLE: The tester over the tomb of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia, Westminster Abbey.
EDDIE SINCLAIR: Investigating medieval polychromy of West Country rood screens.
SPIKE BUCKLOW: Reflections and translations – carving and painting rood screens.

Part IV. Material histories for Late Medieval and Early Modern Painting – Conservation and the History of Art

TONE M. OLSTAD: The so-called ‘Leka group’: new information based on examinations of four triptychs.
DANIELA PAWEL: The altarpiece from Vardø church, Finnmark: technological and art historical context.
CAROL CHRISTIANSEN; JOHN HAND: Bernard van Orley’s The Marriage of the Virgin and Christ Among the Doctors: technical examination and the search for context.