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New Light on Old Glass: Recent Research on Byzantine Glass and Mosaics

Estudios que muestran las investigaciones más recientes en el campo de cristal y los mosaicos bizantinos en un contexto interdisciplinario





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CHRIS ENTWISTLE; LIZ JAMES. New Light on Old Glass: Recent Research on Byzantine Glass and Mosaics, British Museum Press, 2013, 250 p.
ISBN: 978-0861591794

Esta nueva publicación reúne una serie de destacados académicos de todo el mundo para discutir las más recientes investigaciones en el campo de cristal y los mosaicos bizantinos en un contexto interdisciplinario.

ELIZABETH NERI; MARCO VERITÀ; ALBERTO CONVENTI: Glass Mosaic Tesserae from the 5th to the 6th Century Baptistry of San Giovanni alle Fonti, Milan, Italy.
FATMA MARII: Glass Tesserae from the Petra Church.
HANNA WITTE: Studies in Middle Byzantine Glass Mosaics from Amorium.
CESARE FIORI: Mosaic Tesserae from the Basilica of San Severo and Glass Production in Classe, Ravenna, Italy.
CETTY MUSCOLINO: The Observation and Conservation of Mosaics in Ravenna in the 5th and 6th Centuries.
NADINE SCHIBILLE: A Quest for Wisdom.
CLAUDIA TEDESCHI: Mosaics and Materials.
ROSSELLA ARLETTI: A Study of Glass Tesserae from Mosaics in the Monestareis of Daphni and Hosios Loukas.
POLYTIMI LOUKOPOULOU; Antonia Moropoulou: Notes on the Morphology of the Gold Glass Tesserae from Daphni Monestary.
E. MARIANNE STERN: Glass Producers in the Late Antique and Byzantine Texts and Papyri.
ROSEMARIE LIERKE: On the Manufacture of Diatreta and Cage Cups from the Pharos Beaker to the Lycurgus Cup.
JAŚ ELSNER: The Lycurgus Cup.
ANDREW MEEK: Making Late Antique Gold Glass’, Daniel Thomas Howells 14. ‘Gold Glass in Late Antiquity.
CHRIS ENTWISTLE; PAUL CORBY FINNERY (appendix: PHILIP FLETCHER): Late Antique Glass Pendants in the British Museum.
STEPAN RÖHRS; ANDREW MEEK; CHRIS ENTWISTLE: A Scientific Study of Late Antique Glass Pendants in the British Museum.
ANASTASSIOS ANTONARAS: The Production and Uses of Late Antique Glass in Byzantine Thessaloniki.
ANN TERRY: To Beautify Small Things.
CLAIRE NESBITT: Experiencing the Light.
CLAUDINE BOLGIA: New Light on the “Bright Ages”.
MARIA VASSILAKI: The Absence of Glass.
FRANCESCA DELL’ ACQUA: Borders of Experimentalism.
ROBIN CORMACK: Viewing the Mosaics of the Monasteries of Hosios Loukas, Daphni and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Torcello.
NANO CHATZIDAKIS: The Abbot Philotheos, Founder of the Katholikon of Hosios Loukas.
DIMITRA KOTOULA; AMALIA G. KAKISSIS: Recording Byzantine Mosaics in 19th –century Greece.
IRINA ANDREESCU–TREADGOLD: The Christ Head at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Apse in the Bode Museum, Berlin, and Other Fake Mosaics.
JUDITH S. MCKENZIE: Alexandria on the Barada.
LISA PILOSI; David Whitehouse: Early Islamic and Byzantine Silver Stain.
PAUL BENTLEY: Victorian or Justinianic? Painter or Practitioner? In Situ or Reverse?