Joan Valero

Manuscripta Illuminata: Approaches to Understanding Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

Compilación de estudios dedicados a diversos manuscritos iluminados de la Edad Media y el Renacimiento







COLUM HOURIHANE (ed.). Manuscripta Illuminata: Approaches to Understanding Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts, Penn State University Press, 2014, 284 p.
ISBN: 978-0983753735

H. MAYR-HARTING: Public Liturgy and Private Prayer in Ottonian Liturgical Manuscripts c. 1000.
S. PANAYOTOVA: The Rohan Master. Collaboration and Experimentation in the Hours of Isabella Stewart.
E. MOODEY: Variations on Grisaille in a Newly Acquied Prayerbook (Princeton Ms. 223).
M. EPSTEIN: Thought Crime. Implied Ensuing Action in Medieval Manuscripts Made for Jewish Patrons and Audiences.
A. STANTON: Design, Devotion, and Durability in Gothic Prayerbooks.
D. SKEMER: Words Not Written in Stone. John Shirwood’s Verse Epitaph for a canon of Exeter Cathedral, c. 1462.
P. STIRNEMANN: Inquiries Prompted by the Kane Suetonius (Kane Ms. 44).
L. SANDLER: Questions for Homeless Manuscripts. The Case of Princeton Garrett Ms. 35.
W. CAHN: A Late Medieval Compendium of Ancient Wisdom. Gillaume de Tigonville’s ‘Dit moraux des philosophes’.
R. & M. ROUSE: Will Power. Manuscripts in Medieval Testaments.
V. REINBURG: An Archive of Prayer. The Book of Hours in Manuscript and Print.
A. BENNETT: The Chambly Hours. A Diminutive French Book of Hours of the Fourteenth Century (Ms. 2010-115) in the Princeton University Art Museum.
M. LAVIN: A New Allegory of Divine Love. The Netherlandish Blockbook ‘Canticum Canticorum’.