Joan Valero

Jean Pucelle. Innovation and collaboration in Manuscript Painting

Estudios sobre la figura del gran miniaturista Jean Pucelle, sus patronos, los colaboradores y su legado artístico






K. PYUN, A. RUSSAKOFF. Jean Pucelle. Innovation and collaboration in Manuscript Painting, Harvey Miller, 2013, 218 p.
ISBN: 978-1-905375-46-2

ROGER S. WIECK: Introduction.

PART 1: Works of Jean Pucelle

JOAN A. HOLLADAY: Jean Pucelle and His Patrons.
MARC GIL: Jean Pucelle and the Parisian Seal-Engravers and Goldsmiths.
BARBARA D. BOEHM: Perfect Penmanship: Pucelle’s Creativity in the Margins of the Hours of Jeanne d’Évreux.
ANNA D. RUSSAKOFF: Collaborative Illumination: Jean Pucelle and the Visual Program of Gautier de Coinci’s Les Miracles de Nostre Dame (Paris, BnF, nouv. acq. fr. 24541).
PASCALE CHARRON: Color, Grisaille and Pictorial Techniques in Works by Jean Pucelle

 PART 2: Legacy of Jean Pucelle

MIE KUROIWA: Working with Jean Pucelle and His Successors: The Case of the Saint Louis Master (Mahiet?).
MARGUERITE A. KEANE: Collaboration in the Hours of Jeanne de Navarre.
DOMENIC LEO: The Pucellian School and the Rise of Naturalism: Style as Royal Signifier?
KYUNGHEE PYUN: Pucellian Influence in Illuminated Liturgical Manuscripts.