Joan Valero

Investigations in Medieval Stained Glass: Materials, Methods, and Expressions

Estudios sobre los vitrales medievales, desde la pluralidad de enfoques







ELIZABETH CARSON-PASTAN, BRIGITTE KURMANN-SCHWARTZ (ed.), Investigations in Medieval Stained Glass: Materials, Methods, and Expressions, Brill, 2019, 466 p.
ISBN: 978-9004395725

Elizabeth Carson Pastan, Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz: Introduction

Visual and Documentary Testimonies

Sarah Brown: The Medieval Glazier at Work
Francesca Dell’Acqua: Early History of Stained Glass
Anne Granboulan: Longing for the Heavens: Romanesque Stained Glass in the Plantagenet Domain
Claudine Lautier: Chartres: Glazing the Cathedral
Hartmut Scholz: Design and Execution in Southern German Stained Glass of the Late Middle Ages and the Age of Dürer

Light and the Aperture

Wojciech Bałus: A Matter of Matter: Transparent – Translucent – Diaphanum in the Medium of Stained Glass
Ellen M. Shortell: Stained Glass and the Gothic Interior in the 12th and 13th Centuries
Michel Hérold: Windows in Domestic Settings in France in the Late Middle Ages: Enclosure and Decoration in the Social Living Space
Herbert L. Kessler: “Consider the Glass, It Can Teach You”: the Medium’s Lesson

Approaches to Glass

Madeline H. Caviness: Performative Interaction of Liturgy and Light through the Medium of Painted Glass
Alyce A. Jordan: Stories in Windows: the Architectonics of Narrative
Anne F. Harris: The Reception of Stained Glass
Michael W. Cothren: Using Style to Interpret Medieval Stained Glass: a Case Study at Beauvais
Ashley J. Laverock: Saints’ Lives and Stained Glass
Christine Hediger: Female Donors of Medieval Stained-Glass Windows

Types of Glass

Elizabeth Carson Pastan: Regarding the Early Rose Window
Meredith Parsons Lillich: French Grisaille Glass
Karine Boulanger: Architecture, Liturgical Space, and Glazed Decoration: the Example of the Upper Windows of Bourges Cathedral
Timothy B. Husband: The Silver-Stained Roundel in Northern Europe

Workshopping the Window

Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz: Medieval Textual Sources on Stained Glass: from Theophilus to the Monk of Zagan
Nancy M. Thompson: The Creation of Stained Glass in Central Italy, 1250–1400
David King: Medieval Glaziers’ Workshops in Norwich
Françoise Gatouillat: French 14th-Century Stained Glass and Other Arts

Post-Medieval Reflections

Uwe Gast: The Beginnings of Stained-Glass Collecting in Germany
Mary B. Shepard: Out of Context: Portraits of Private Collectors and Their Medieval Stained Glass
Isabelle Pallot-Frossard: Stained Glass: Heritage and Creation, Materiality in All Its States