Joan Valero

Images and Objects in Ritual Practices in Medieval and Early Modern Northern and Central Europe

Conjunto de estudios sobre las funciones, significados y uso de imágenes y objetos en las prácticas sociales medievales, vinculadas por su carácter ritual






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KRISTA KODRES; ANU MÄND (ed.). Images and Objects in Ritual Practices in Medieval and Early Modern Northern and Central Europe, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2103, 340 p.
ISBN: 978-1443851336


Part I: Images and Objects in Religious Rituals

GERHARD JARITZ: Late Medieval Images and the Variability of Rituals.
ANDREW SPICER: “To Show That the Place Is Divine”: Consecration Crosses Revisited.
STINA FALLBERG SUNDMARK: The Rosary and the Wounds of Christ: Devotional Images in Relation to Late Medieval Liturgy and Piety.
MARTIN WANGSGAARD JÜRGENSEN: Image, Time and Ritual: The Motif of the Last Supper in Lutheran Churches.
AIVAR PÕLDVEE: Morian and Merian. Word and Image: A Painting Used in Teaching the Catechism in the Keila Church (1669).

Part II: Visual Culture and the Performances of Power

GIEDRĖ MICKŪNAITĖ: The Gaze of Power, the Act of Obedience: Interpreting Byzantine Wall Paintings in Trakai, Lithuania.
KERSTI MARKUS: Baptism and the King’s Coronation: Visual Rhetoric of the Valdemar Dynasty on Some Scanian and Danish Baptismal Fonts.
JULIETTE RODING; NICO HIJMAN: In Between the Secular and the Religious: Art, Ritual and Science in the Funeral Chapel of Reinoud III of Brederode,  Lord of Vianen (1491–1556), and His Wife, Philipotte de la Marck (d. 1537), in the Reformed Church of Vianen.
HUGO JOHANNSEN: Images of Hereditary Succession.
KRISTA KODRES: Magic of Presence: The Ceremony of Taking an Oath of Allegiance in 1690 in Tallinn (Reval).
BIRGITTE BØGGILD JOHANNSEN: Between Act, Image, and Memory: Ritual Re-Enactments in Eighteenth-Century Denmark.

Part III: Ritual and Self-Representation

EMILIA JAMROZIAK: The Self-Representation of the Late Medieval Cistercian Abbot: The Case of Henry Kresse of Bukowo Morskie.
ANU MÄND: Memoria and Sacral Art in Late Medieval Livonia: The Gender Perspective.
JÜRGEN BEYER: The Ritual Context of Chandeliers and Sconces in Early Modern Lutheran Churches.
RUTH-E. MOHRMANN: The Art of Rituals: How Samuel Pepys Used His Eyes and Ears.
STEPHAN HOPPE: Wining and Dining in Style: Architectural Innovations  as a Source for Ritual Change in German Renaissance Palaces.