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Illuminating the Middle Ages: Tributes to Prof. John Lowden from His Students, Friends and Colleagues

Estudios sobre manuscritos, que abarcan material desde la antigüedad tardía hasta el Renacimiento, en homenaje a John Lowden





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LAURA CLEAVER, ALIXE BOVEY, LUCY DONKIN (ed.). Illuminating the Middle Ages: Tributes to Prof. John Lowden from His Students, Friends and Colleagues, Brill, 2020, 482 p.
ISBN: 978-9004422322

Los veintiocho ensayos de esta colección muestran investigaciones de vanguardia en estudios sobre manuscritos, que abarcan material desde la antigüedad tardía hasta el Renacimiento. El volumen celebra la contribución excepcional de John Lowden al estudio de los libros medievales. Los autores y autoras exploran algunos de los temas y preguntas planteados en el trabajo de Lowden, abordando cuestiones de significado, creación, promoción, el libro como un objeto, relaciones entre texto e imagen y la transmisión de ideas. Combinan el compromiso de Lowden con el escrutinio minucioso de los manuscritos con una interrogación sobre lo que significaron los libros en su propio tiempo y lo que significan para nosotros ahora.

Michelle P. Brown: Were Early Medieval Picture Cycles Recycled from Late Antiquity? New Evidence for a Lost Archetype of the Apollonius Pictus—An Illustrated Classic
Francesca Demarchi: Milanese Early Medieval Psalters: Models and Influences from West and East
Barbara Baert: Noli me tangere in the Codex Egberti (Reichenau, c. 977–93) and in the Gospel Book of Otto iii (Reichenau, 998–1000): Visual Exegesis in Context
Maria R. Grasso: The Green Tinted Souls of Dives and Lazarus in the Codex Aureus of Echternach
Beatrice Radden Keefe: Portraits of Terence, the African
Rose Walker: Manuscripts Face to Face: León and the Holy Roman Empire in the Mid-eleventh Century
T.A. Heslop: The Two Pictures Cycles in Early Manuscripts of St Anselm’s Prayers
Kathleen Doyle: Early Cistercian Manuscripts from Clairvaux
Mika Takiguchi: The Imagery of Noah’s Ark in the Mosaic Decoration of Monreale Cathedral
Emma Luker: Some Observations on the Artists of the Leiden Psalter (Leiden, University Library MSb.p.l. 76A) and Their Working Practices
Patricia Stirnemann, Judith Kogel: A Portrait of Abraham Ibn Ezra (Paris, Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal MS 1186)
Sally Dormer: The Virgin and Child in the Map Psalter (London, British Library Additional MS 28681)
Martin Kauffmann: Seeing and Reading the Matthew Paris Saints’ Lives
Kathryn Gerry: Extended Shelf-life: Manuscript Consolidation in an English Monastic Library
Jessica Berenbeim: Domesday in Disguise
Frederica Law-Turner: From Warwickshire to New York via Canterbury: The Travels and Tribulations of the Bible of Richard of Sholdon
Deirdre Jackson: Virgin, Devil, Bishop, King: Nicola Pisano’s Pulpit in Siena and Alfonso x’s Cantigas de Santa Maria
Hanna Wimmer: Of Venerable Teachers and Boisterous Students: Maistre Brunetto and the Arabic Aristotle
Renana Bartal: Lost and Found in the Meditationes Vitae Christi, Oxford, Corpus Christi College MS 410
Sarah M. Guérin: Ivory Booklets, Devotion in Cologne
Catherine Yvard: Gothic Ivories Unhinged
Christian Heck: Monks and Ants in the Presence of Death: A Re-reading of Pliny the Elder in Quattrocento Illumination
Julian Luxford: The Ridware Cartulary and the Great Seal of England
Richard Gameson: Sin and Salvation in the Hours of Jean de Dunois
Rowan Watson: Harreteau and His Unfinished Book of Hours
Lucy Donkin: Looking Beneath the Surface: Subterranean Space in the Kutná Hora Cantional
Anne-Marie Eze: A Manuscript of Giovanni Boccaccio’s De Mulieribus Claris from the Library of the Benedictine Convent of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore in Milan?
Jack Hartnell: Bloodlines: Medicine and Cosmology in France, China, and Mexico