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Envisioning Christ on the Cross. Ireland and the early medieval West

Estudios sobre la representación de la crucifixión en el arte irlandés y el occidente medieval





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JULIET MULLINS; JENIFER NÍ GHRÁDAIGH; RICHARD HAWTREE (ed.). Envisioning Christ on the Cross. Ireland and the early medieval West, Four Courts Press, 2013, 400 p.
ISBN: 978-1-84682-387-9

Part I. God hanging from a cross

FELICITY HARLEY MCGOWAN: The Maskell Passion Ivories and Greco-Roman art: notes on the iconography of crucifixion.
LOUIS VAN TONGEREN: Imagining the cross on Good Friday: rubric, ritual and relic in early medieval Roman, Gallican and Hispanic liturgical traditions.
JENNIFER O’REILLY: Seeing the crucified Christ: image and meaning in early Irish manuscript art.
CAROL NEUMAN DE VEGVAR: The Blythburgh Tablet: envisioning the wounds of Christ.
CÉSAR GARCÍA DE CASTRO VALDÉS: Some questions on the function and iconography of the cross in the Asturian kingdom.
RICHARD HAWTREE: Christ on the cross in Eriugena’s Carmina for Charles the Bald.
BEATRICE KITZINGER: The liturgical cross and the space of the Passion: the diptych of Angers MS 24.
CELIA CHAZELLE: Mass and the Eucharist in the Christianizing of early medieval Europe.

Part II. Contemplate the wounds of the crucified

ELIZABETH BOYLE: Sacrifice and salvation in Echtgus Úa Cúanáin’s poetic treatise on the Eucharist.
JULIET MULLINS: Preaching the Passion: imitatio Christi and the passions and homilies of the Leabhar Breac.
MICHELE BACCI: The Volto Santo’s legendary and physical image.
JORDI CAMPS I SÒRIA: Romanesque majestats: a typology of Christus triumphans in Catalonia.
KATHARINA CHRISTA SCHÜPPEL: Medieval painted crosses in Italy: perspectives of research.
JENIFER NÍ GHRÁDAIGH: Towards an emotive Christ? Changing depictions of the crucifixion on the Irish high cross.
GRIFFIN MURRAY: Irish crucifixion plaques: a reassessment.
JOHN MUNNS: The cross at the heart of the Trinity: an Anglo-Norman development in art and theology.
ELIZABETH C. PARKER: Antelami’s Deposition at Parma: a liturgical reading.