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Byzantine Images and Their Afterlives: Essays in Honor of Annemarie Weyl Carr

Estudios sobre arte bizantino en homenaje a la doctora Annemarie Weyl Carr





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LYNN JONES (ed.). Byzantine Images and Their Afterlives: Essays in Honor of Annemarie Weyl Carr, Ashgate, 2014, 300 p.
ISBN: 978-1409442912

WEYL CARR, BONNIE WHEELER: Introduction: the collegial life of Annemarie.

Part I Manuscripts:

KATHLEEN MAXWELL: Workshops, Subgroups and Influences: The afterlife of texts: decorative style manuscripts and New Testament textual criticism.
JUSTINE M. ANDREWS: Flexibility and fusion in Eastern Mediterranean manuscript production: Oxford, Bodleian, Laud. Gr. 86.
PAMELA A. PATTON: The little Jewish boy: afterlife of a Byzantine legend in 13th-century Spain.

Part II Intent and Reception:
DILIANA ANGELOVA:The stamp of power: the life and afterlife of Pulcheria’s Buildings.
LYNN JONES: Perceptions of Byzantium: Radegund of Poitiers and relics of the True Cross.
IDA SINKEVIĆ: Afterlife of the Rhodes Hand of St John the Baptist.

Part III Cypriot Influences:
MICHELE BACCI: Some remarks on the appropriation, use, and survival of Gothic forms on Cyprus.
MARIA VASSILAKI: Byzantine icon-painting around 1400: Constantinople or Crete?

Part IV The Nature of Copies:
JAROSLAV FOLDA: The use of çintamani as ornament: a case study in the afterlife of forms.
ANTHONY CUTLER: Twice is not enough: the biography of a ‘Byzantine’ Crucifixion ivory.
ROSSITZA B. SCHROEDER: The salvation of the soul and the road to Heaven: the representation of the Ladder of Divine Ascent in the Vatopedi Katholikon.
ANN DRISCOLL: Death and life: the persistence of sacred imagery from the Croce Dipinta of Albert Sotio.

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