Joan Valero

Books of Hours Reconsidered

Colección de estudios sobre la producción, el uso y la evolución de los Libros de Horas






SANDRA HINDMAN; JAMES MARROW (ed.). Books of Hours Reconsidered, Brepols, 2013, 532 p.
ISBN: 978-1-905375-94-3

I. The Prehistory of Books of Hours and the Growth of their Modern-Day Appreciation

ADELAIDE BENNETT: Some Perspectives on the Origins of Books of Hours in France in the Thirteenth-Century.
CHRISTOPHER DE HAMEL: Books of Hours and the Art Market from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day.
ROGER S. WIECK: The Hours of Catherine of Cleves: The Manuscript that Changed the World.

II. Centers of Production: England, Germany, and Italy

NIGEL MORGAN: English Books of Hours c. 1240 – c.1480.
JEFFREY HAMBURGER: Another Perspective: The Book of Hours in Germany.
FRANCESCA MANZARI: Italian Books of Hours and Prayer Books in the Fourteenth Century.

III. Towards a History of Use

GREGORY T. CLARK: Beyond Saints: Variant Litany Readings and the Localization of Late Medieval Manuscript Books of Hours, the Case of the d’Orges Hours.
ANNE KORTEWEG: Books of Hours from the Northern Netherlands Reconsidered: the Uses of Utrecht and Windesheim and Geert Grote’s Role as a Translator.

IV. Problems of Workshops

MARC GIL: Picardie-Hainaut: Quelques remarques sur les livres d’heures produits par le Maitre de Rambures et Simon Marmion.
ANNE MARGREET W. AS-VIJVERS: Manuscript Production in a Carmelite Convent: The Case of Cornelia von Wulfskercke.
MARIE-FRANÇOISE DAMONGEOT: La circulation des modèles iconographiques: l’exemple d’un livre d’Heures parisien (BnF MS N.a.l.3115).
MARA HOFMANN: Matteo de Milano; Between Ferrara and Rome. The Hours of Dionora of Urbino (London, British Library, Yates Thompson 7).
SASKIA VON BERGEN: The Use of Stamps in Bruges Book Production.
EBERHARD KÖNIG: Twins in Attribution: A New Fashion or a Means to Better Understanding? The Case of the Grandes Heures de Rohan.

V. Cycles of Illustration and Their Texts

JAMES MARROW: Superimposed Cycles of Marginal Illustration in Late Medieval Horae: Function and History.
KLARA H. BROEKHUIJSEN: Decoration Programmes in Books of Hours by the Masters of the Dark Eyes.
BRONWYN STOCKS: Devotional Emphasis and Distinctive Variations in the Illustration of the Hours of the Virgin in Italian Books of Hours.

VI. Books of Hours in the Age of Print

TODOR PETEV: A Group of Hybrid Manuscripts Illustrated with Woodcuts from Antwerp.
THIERRY CLAERR: L’édition d’Heures du 21 avril 1505, une œuvre charnière dans la production de Thielman Kerver?
ARIANE BERGERON-FOOTE: De la fortune de quatre bois gravés: de Paris 1519 à Rouen c. 1593.
ELIZABETH A. R. BROWN: The Devotional Books of Claude Gouffier: The Morgan Hours (New York, Morgan Library and Museum, M. 538).
MARY AND RICHARD ROUSE: Post-Mortem Inventories as a Source for the Production of Manuscripts and Printed Books of Hours.