Joan Valero

Archaeology and Architecture of the Military Orders. New Studies

Compilación de estudios dedicados a la arqueología y arquitectura de los edificios pertenecientes a las órdenes militares medievales






MATHIAS PIANA; CHRISTER CARLSSON. Archaeology and Architecture of the Military Orders. New Studies, Ashgate, 2014, 274 p.
ISBN: 9781472420534

ANTHONY LUTTRELL: Introduction: history and archaeology.

Part I The Hospitaller Order/The Order of Malta

ELENA BELLOMO: The Cabrei of the Order of Malta as an archaeological source: some notes on Piedmont.
CHRISTER CARLSSON: Varne Hospitaller commandery: an archaeological field project.
MICHAEL HESLO: The search for the defensive system of the Knights in the Dodecanese (Part II: Leros, Kalymnos, Kos and Bodrum).
BENJAMIN MICHAUDEL: Fall and rise of the Hospitaller and Templar castles in Syria at the end of the thirteenth century.

Part II The Templar Order

NADIA BAGNARINI: I Templari nella Tuscia viterbese: vecchie considerazioni e nuove prospettive di ricerca. Storia ed architettura.
DAMIEN CARRAZ: Templar and Hospitaller establishments in Southern France: the state of research and new perspectives.
MATHIAS PIANA: A bulwark never conquered: the fortifications of the Templar citadel of Tortosa on the Syrian coast.

Part III The Teutonic Order

ADRIAN J. BOAS: Renewed research at Montfort castle.
GIULIA ROSSI VAiro: Originality and adaptation: the architecture of the Teutonic Order in Italy.
TOMASZ TORBUS: The architecture of the castles in the Prussian state of the Teutonic Order