Joan Valero

Medieval and Early Modern Representations of Authority in Scotland and the British Isles

KATE BUCHANAN. Medieval and Early Modern Representations of Authority in Scotland and the British Isles, Routledge, 2016, 284 p.
ISBN: 978-1472424488

KATHERINE BUCHANAN, LUCINDA DEAN: Representations of authority: an introduction

Part I Using and Reusing Internal and External Spaces

DAVID SIMPKIN: Keeping up appearances: the English royal court on military campaigns to Scotland, 1296-1336
RICHARD ORAM: Monastic gatehouses and regality jurisdictions: the gatehouse as representation of secular authority in Scottish monasteries
KATE BUCHANAN: Wheels and creels: the physical representation of right to fishing and milling in 16th century Angus, Scotland
KIRSTEEN M MACKENZIE: A contested space: demonstrative action and the politics of transitional authority in Glasgow 1650-1653

Part II Pious Rituals and Military Display

MICHAEL PENMAN: Who is this King of Glory? Robert I of Scotland (1306-1329), Holy Week and the consecration of St Andrews Cathedral
JAMES HILLSON: Edward III and the art of authority: military triumph and the decoration of St Stephen’s Chapel, Westminster 1330-1364
TOM TURPIE: Scottish and British? The Scottish authorities, Richard III and the cult of St Ninian in late medieval Scotland and northern England

Part III Representing Female Power and Noble Authority

LUCINDA DEAN: In the absence of an adult monarch: ceremonial representations of authority by Marie de Guise, 1543-1558
ESTELLE PARANQUE: The representations and ambiguities of the warlike female kingship of Elizabeth I of England
ALLAN KENNEDY: Feasting and fighting? Projections of authority amongst the 17th-century Highland elite

Part IV Privileged Poetry, Music and Material Culture

ELIZABETH FITZPATRICK: The last kings of Ireland: material expressions of Gaelic lordship c.1300-1400 A.D.
KYLIE MURRAY: ‘Out of My Contree’: visions of royal authority in the courts of James I and James II, 1424-1460
JAMIE REID-BAXTER: James IV, St Michael and the armed man
STEPHEN BOWMAN: ‘By hammer in hand all arts do stand’: the protection and projection of craft privilege in the early-modern Scottish burgh

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