Joan Valero

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ANGELIKI LYMBEROPOULOU (dir.). Hell in the Byzantine World. A History of Art and Religion in Venetian Crete and the Eastern Mediterranean, 2 vol., Cambridge University Press, 2020, 936 p. ISBN: 978-1108690706 Acceder a la ficha FILIPPO GEMELLI. L’architettura dei frati minori in Lombardia, Franco Angeli, 2020, 352 p. ISBN: 978-8891799203 Acceder a la ficha PATRICE … Leer más

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PNINA ARAD. Christian Maps of the Holy Land: Images and Meanings, Brepols, 2020, 176 p. ISBN: 978-2503585260 Acceder a la ficha WINFRIED WILHELMY (dir.). Von Bonifatius zum Naumburger Meister, Schnell & Steiner, 2020, 502 p. ISBN: 978-3795435325 Acceder a la ficha

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DANY SANDRON, PHILIPPE PLAGNIEUX, GRÉGORY CHAUMET, DENIS HAYOT. Paris Gothique, Picard, 2020, 331 p. ISBN: 978-2708410497 Acceder a la ficha ALFRED THOMAS. Court of Richard II and Bohemian Culture: Literature and Art in the Age of Chaucer and the Gawain Poet, D. S. Brewer, 2020, 244 p. ISBN: 978-1843845669 Acceder a la ficha MAURIZIO CHELLI. … Leer más

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NORBERT BÖRSTE, STEFAN KOPP, JONAS MISERRE (ed.). Die Paderborner Kathedrale, Bonifatius GmbH, 2020, 239 p. ISBN: 978-3897108585 Acceder a la ficha MILTON CAMPOS MENEZES. O Observador no Campanário: A mentalidade religiosa no século XII e o florescer do gótico na Abadia de Saint Denis, Novas Edições Acadêmicas, 2020, 236 p. ISBN: 978-6130164645 Acceder a la … Leer más

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JEROME BERTRAM. Mediaeval Inscriptions. The Epigraphy of the City of Oxford, Oxfordshire Record, 2020, 312 p. ISBN: 978-0902509764 Acceder a la ficha FERNANDO GUTIÉRREZ BAÑOS, JUSTIN KROESEN y ELISABETH ANDERSEN (eds.). The Saint Enshrined: European Tabernacle-altarpieces, c. 1150-1400, Institut d’Estudis Medievals, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Bellaterra (Barcelona), 2020, 430 p. ISBN: 978-84-490-8876-6 Acceder a la … Leer más

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PAUL A. FOX. Great Cloister: A Lost Canterbury Tale: A History of the Canterbury Cloister, Constructed 1408, Archaeopress, 2020, 682 p. ISBN: 978-1789693317 Acceder a la ficha V. GARIBALDI, A. DELPRIORI. Capolavori del Trecento. Il Cantiere di Giotto, Spoleto e l’Appennino, Quattroemme, 2018, 364 p. ISBN: 978-8894971026 Acceder a la ficha FRANCESCA ESPAÑOL, JOAN VALERO … Leer más

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MICHELE D. MARINCOLA, LUCRETIA KARGÈRE. The Conservation of Medieval Polychrome Wood Sculpture – History, Theory, Practice, Getty Publications, 2020, 296 p. ISBN: 978-1606066553 Acceder a la ficha Troyes 1420: Un roi pour deux couronnes, Snoeck , 2020, 407 p. ISBN: 978-9461615985 Acceder a la ficha IRENE QUADRI. La pittura murale tra XI e XIII secolo … Leer más

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KATHLEEN WALKER-MEIKLE. Dogs in Medieval Manuscripts, British Library, 2020, 96 p. ISBN: 978-0712353021 Acceder a la ficha ELISABETTA CARLINO. Appunti d’arte e meraviglia. Il Medioevo umbro-marchigiano, EFG, 2019, 120 p. ISBN: 978-8885581333 Acceder a la ficha PHILIPPE CORDEZ. Treasure, Memory, Nature: Church Objects in the Middle Ages, Harvey Miller Publishers, 2020, 288 p. ISBN: 978-1912554614 … Leer más

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JACQUELINE E. JUNG. Eloquent Bodies: Movement, Expression, and the Human Figure in Gothic Sculpture, Yale University Press, 2020, 340 p. ISBN: 978-0300214017 Acceder a la ficha ROGER STALLEY. Early Irish Sculpture and the Art of the High Crosses, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, 2020, 248 p. ISBN: 978-1913107093 Acceder a la ficha … Leer más

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JOHN OSBORNE. Rome in the Eighth Century: A History in Art, Cambridge University Press, 2020, 312 p. ISBN: 978-1108834582 Acceder a la ficha PEDRO LUIS HUERTA HUERTA. Románico imprescindible: Soria, Fundación Santa María la Real Centro de Estudios del Románico, 2020, 204 p. ISBN: 978-8417158231 Acceder a la ficha PAOLA BOSIO. Terrecotte lombarde nel Medioevo … Leer más